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I help tech entrepreneurs gain 2-3kg+ muscle & 1/2 their stress levels in 90-days.


Discover the simple, science-backed and sustainable approach that saw one of my clients drop 25kg in less than 12-months.

Dec McLaughlin


Bespoke nutrition coaching optimised for tech founders, designed to be minimal in time, but maximal in results.

Precision Nutrition certified


A science-backed approach using my Medicinal Chemistry masters expertise & industry leading Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification.

Science-backed nutrition coaching


The results you desire without cutting carbs, alcohol or anything fun in your life. Ultra non-extremist and nothing is off the menu.

Dec McLaughlin Nutrition


Using the latest tools, Apps and software you will have access to an innovative set of health and fitness data where you can adjust, optimise and perfect to guarantee success.

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My Story

Dec McLaughlin Nutrition

As an aspiring entrepreneur and part of an early stage tech team, my nutrition background has allowed me to maintain peak energy, prevent burnout and be metabolically fit.


My passion for helping other entrepreneurs in the tech space has come from overcoming my own barriers and solving the problems of being time-poor, maintaining peak performance and balancing multiple projects. My biggest value is that nothing is off the menu and that your health = your company and career's health too.

Virtual Nutrition Coaching

Struggling with your eating & needing the guidance of an experienced nutrition coach?

Imagine having the comfort of knowing that every single meal you prepare is moving you closer to your dream outcome. Virtual nutrition coaching will optimise your performance and leave you ahead of the competition.

  • A Fully Customisable 7-Day Nutrition plan

  • Accountability with Weekly 15-30 minute Check-Ins via Zoom or Phone-Call

  • Unlimited Revisions to your Programme

Dec McLaughlin Nutrition
Sustainable eating
Workplace wellness expert
Precision Nutrition certifed

Team Wellbeing Packages

Did you know that 38% of employees suffer from excessive pressure at work & that up to 76% of the world's workforce are 'suffering' physically? When you're running a startup or accelerator programme, there's zero margin for error.


Looking to jump start your team's productivity and optimise performance consistently? Enjoy exclusive access to science-backed nutrition consulting for your team with a variety of packages.

  • 1-on-1 Coaching for individuals to optimise performance

  • Personalised 45-minute virtual workshops

  • Fully customisable events programme & group coaching discounts

Declan was great for simplifying and making clear what was needed for a successful approach to nutrition. Helped provide me with a sustainable plan (that I can still follow and achieve good results months after starting it).


 Dec is superb at answering any questions about nutrition, and in such a way that makes it easy to understand and incorporate into your own personal diet.


Looking to lose weight or improve your physique? Dec McLaughlin is your guy!

Fergus' Experience..


- Fergus MacKenzie

Ready to transform?

Dec McLaughlin Nutrition

“Working with Dec was a life-changing experience. I learned how to take control of my own health through a nutritious diet plan that actually made sense — reasonable changes I could actually apply to my own life. Dec gave me some of the most helpful tips and tricks, and helped me become a more energetic and healthier individual. I highly recommend working with him.”

Lyz & Donald, Glasgow

"The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, the second best time is now."

Chinese Proverb

Dec McLaughlin Nutrition

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