Top nutrition coach Scotland
Top nutrition coach Scotland


Declan J McLaughlin, Founder


Height - 186 cm

Weight - 79-81 kg

Qualifications - Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified, MChem Medicinal & Biological Chemistry

An aspiring entrepreneur myself and part of an early-stage tech startup in Edinburgh, nutrition has remained at the core of my focus for maintaining focus, staying productive and getting results.

Through my wealth of expertise, from my Medicinal Chemistry masters to nutrition certification, I have moulded a truly unique approach to helping tech entrepreneurs to optimise their own health. 

My biggest values are that no food is off limits, consistency comes first and sticking to an 80/20 approach whereby 20% of the inputs give us 80% of the outcome we desire. With nutrition, the 20% is designed to be simple, flexible and easy to maintain.


In my spare time, I'm a kickboxing enthusiast, love hiking and yoga.  

Top nutrition coach Scotland