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What Finding Nemo can teach us about getting lean 🐠🥗

If you're anything like me, you've probably seen just about every Disney/Pixar movie that's been released.

You'll no doubt be familiar with the famous tagline Dory uses during the film.

"Just keep on swimming"

Again, this may sound super cheesy & cliché but there's good reason why it's so widely used.

In the context of reaching any health or fitness related goals, let's be honest, you're gonna fail along the way.

And that's ok.

If anything its encouraged, as it gives you the opportunity to make some minor tweaks or improvements.

This ties in nicely to the idea of "reframing", a simple mindset trick you can use to place a much more positive spin on things.

Say you're out with your friends having a meal. You have a couple of glasses of wine & go for a sensible main course (let's say Butterfly Chicken with a side of veggies).

This is already a massive improvement on your old habits & an early win.

The evening goes on & you feel a bit pressured. You end up ordering a dessert & finish your friend's plates too, whilst adding a bottle of wine into the mix.

This leaves you way over your daily target & even weekly

Naturally, you're pretty disappointed.

You have 2 options:

1) Be hard on yourself & restrict even further, leading to a full week binge & completely falling off track.

2) Celebrate the mini-wins & accept what's happened, after all you had a pretty class night. You brush yourself down & jump straight back on the very next day. If you're feeling up for it, you slightly reduce your intake for the rest of the week & find that you're pretty damn close to your weekly target.

You also decide to be proactive, not reactive.

You note down what happened & learn from it, taking the positives first and foremost.

You also realise that you had a great night with your friends & surely that's way more important than any fitness goals you may have.

A week goes by & not only are you still on track, but your eating habits have improved. You've learned to say no to that extra dessert & realise that 2 glasses of wine is plenty.

Summer comes round & not only are you looking in great shape, but you're also feeling good too.

Sometimes treading water is all you can do, & that's ok.

Happy Swimming,

Dec x

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