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Why I'll Probably Never Give Up Drinking 🍷

Maybe a surprising statement, but naturally context is key.

For me, there's no greater pleasure than a few bevs with your mates on a weekend or even weekday for you party animals.

But that's so unhealthy I hear you say.

But heres the thing, theres no such thing as perfect health.

And thats ok.

For me, health is so much more than just being lean or having the optimal intake of macro or micronutrients.

Health for me is also mental & social by extension.

We're social animals after all, & surely from a sustainability point of view, drinking is good for us*

*In moderation of course.

Drinking for me, is sharing stories & making new ones, destressing after a tough week or even dancing to our favourite tunes as a wise redhead once said.

The question is though, how can you possibly meet them goals when you're regularly 3 pints deep?

Of course you can.

Here's a few tips that I hope will help.

1) Stay Hydrated💦- A good idea is to consider drinking water pre, during & after heading out. Will help minimise hunger, reduce hangovers & encourage a healthy balance of electrolytes.

2) Easy Does It 🚶‍♂️ - As my close friends will probably tell you, I can't really talk in terms of slowing down your drinking. But as a similar idea to mindful eating, dding 5-10 minutes per drink may be beneficial. Will help to slow down the effects of alcohol & will make you less likely to make questionable decisions or over eat.

3) Weekly Totals 📆 - In moderation of course, but in the context of ensuring adequate protein, vitamin & mineral intake, it may be worth banking a few calories for the weekend. Factoring in drinks allows you to still hit them goals & enjoy yourself absolutely guilt free.

4) Know Thyself 🤸 - Again, trial & error mostly. If you're the type who has mad hunger after 2 drinks (I know I am), it may be worth reducing your alcohol intake when around larger quantities of food to help prevent those drunken mishaps.

Again, as always, moderation is king.

For me, alcohol can absolutely have its place no matter what your goals are.

Cheers to that 🍻,

Dec x

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