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A Soup-er Way to Stay on Track 🍲⛷

Why soup is an undervalued dish for your long term health related goals.

Unless you’ve had the luxury of living under a rock the last few days (any extra warmth is a must), you will have no doubt seen/been directly affected by the “Beast in the East” bringing heavy snowfall & god knows what else.

Naturally, it brings the ever so familiar bitterness that is the plummeting temperatures too.

For me, it’s the perfect opportunity to create an ode of sorts to one of my favourite dishes.


We all have our favourites. For me, there’s few pleasures greater than tucking into some homemade turkey broth.

There’s perhaps good reason too why we should be slurping down more soups on a weekly basis.

Let’s jump into 5 reasons why soup can help you freeze out those pesky bad eating habits.

1) Drink* your damn veggies? 🥗💦 – A key component of any meal for me. Particularly the liquid variety. If you struggle to squeeze in your vegetable intake (8-12 servings a day ideally), this can be a nifty trick to up your totals. Absolutely perfect for nailing your vitamin/mineral intake as well as keeping you fuller for longer.

2) Fibre-nation 🌾 – On a similar note, a perfect way to boost your fibre game too. This helps ensure the smooth running of your GI tract, as well as aiding with satiety. Especially helpful if you’re trying to lose fat or even struggling with general hunger levels.

3) The Snowball Effect ☃️ – Equally super handy at controlling portion size and energy intake by proxy. Soup tends to be very nutrient dense & perhaps most excitingly, low in energy on the whole. This can help prevent the issue of overeating by filling you up quicker and keeping you on track. Will minimise the temptation for “one more cookie” as we’ve all done.

4) Skating on Thin Ice ⛸ – If you’re anything like me, staying hydrated can be tricky if you’re increasingly busy. Soup is a pretty sneaky way to up your water intake, especially if you tend to leave yourself de-hydrated on many an occasion.

5) 57 Varieties 🤹🏻‍♂️ – We all have different tastes, some more unusual than others. This is why the never ending types of soup can come in handy. I’m absolutely confident there’s a flavour/recipe out there no matter what your preferences are.

So there you have it, what’s not to like?

As they say, that’s just for starters too.

Plenty more reasons out there & staying warm is absolutely one of them.

Hope that was helpful team & as always, feel free to stir the pot if you fancy.

Just make sure things don’t boil over of course 😉


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