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Being a good sport: 4 activities to try whether you're a 20 year old student or just retired

4 Must Try Activities for the Adventurous, regardless of age.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, the European Championships are just around the corner & Glasgow is set to welcome some of the world’s best athletes over the coming weeks.

What better time perhaps, to try something new & take your current love for all things fitness to a whole new level.

Such is life, we often stumble across new hobbies as if by accident in many ways. For me, a huge turning point came with an injury. I’ve always been an avid rugby player, but the opportunity that such a substantial set back (an ACL rupture twice is not fun) gave me was a blessing of sorts.

Kudos to anyone currently training hard for their next event. Marathons, ½ marathons, all impressive feats.

Here’s a few other sports worth trying, if you have the time (or the energy!)

1) Pushing the Boat Out

With the recent start of the Power8s Rowing format, a whole new lease of life has indeed been given to the sport as a whole.

The race format entails head-to-head races over a 350m distance, which is sure to be thrilling for both athlete & competitor alike.

For anyone coming back from a long-spell on the side-lines, it can be the perfect way to keep up some quality stamina when recovering from a lack of exercise.

Low impact by design & the ideal chance to make some new friends along the way.

2) On the Right Track?

Track cycling is perhaps equally exciting in many ways. The British weather can throw us all out of sorts & perhaps even more so given the recent heatwaves in the UK & Europe too.

For any keen runners, I’m sure the CV aspect of cycling is a handy cross-over for the cardiac muscle side of things & in a similar way, less stress on those trusty legs for a start.

Worth noting the lack of any brakes, which can potentially be problematic in a sense but adds an exciting edge one could argue!

3) In the Deep End

I’ve always been wildly impressed by the incredible feats of any triathlete, not least in the ability to perform exceptionally well across 3 disciplines but also to keep themselves going through some pretty challenging conditions.

Not for the faint of heart naturally, but I’m sure the adventurous bunch amongst yourselves will be no doubt eager to push your boundaries even further.

The thrill of trying something completely out of the blue can be a joy to say the least. The benefits of the change in training can be remarkable. (From www.swimming.org).

4) A Walk in the Park

I’m always one for recommending a healthy dose of walking to many of my clients, not least as a recovery tool but also as an exercise in itself.

Perhaps less adrenaline based than the other sports, but equally skills based nonetheless.

There’s something about being outdoors that just can’t be replaced & I encourage anyone to make best use of this before those oh so cold wintery months.

Even for the beginner, learning to swing a club can come quite naturally & the mental focus often required can stand you in brilliant stead for your already pretty tough training.


So there you have it folks, plenty of inspiration to take from the next few weeks & Glasgow’s opportunity to really show us what it can do.

For anyone who’s recently moved from home & is already training hard, perhaps a nice addition to complement your current regime.

Even light, more mobility-based work can serve you wonders as well as making sure your meals are well suited to your intense training schedules.


Looking for more nutrition-based ideas for upping those energy levels & smashing those time targets? Get in touch today & I’d be delighted to have a chat.


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