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Do not adjust for scale: 6 reasons why your weight fluctuates and why you shouldn't worry

6 Reasons Why those Scales Increasing isn’t always Bad News

It’s a familiar scene. You’ve worked incredibly hard week in week out, you’ve eaten consistently well & have tried everything in your power to convert your training into the results you're hoping for.

You step on the ever stress inducing scales on Monday morning to find yourself a few lbs above what you had hoped. Here’s why it isn’t always black & white you’re probably doing better than you think.

Sleep On It

When we have disrupted sleep, or find ourselves with a change in sleeping pattern, it can play havoc with our scale weigh-ins & any increase in stress is sure to lead to holding a significant amount of water weight. Try aiming for around 7-8 hours sleep per night, which will be sure to help you boost that productivity to last the working day.

Water Relief

In a similar theme, the levels of sodium from our intake the day before can be another sneaky way to raise those numbers. Since sodium imbalances can lead to more water being stored, it often masks our true weight loss. If you find yourself way up on a Monday, that steak out with your friends may be the main culprit.


With a rather handy clue in the name, an increase in carbs consumed, especially in preparation for a tough session or a longer run perhaps leads the body to store even more water. With as much as 3g water/1g carbs consumed, it’s no wonder that people often claim rapid & incredible weight loss on those oh so familiar keto diets. If you’re finally upping your carb stores having undereaten for a while, you will inevitably see an increase.

A Weight on your Shoulders?

Stress is a biggie & one that will no doubt have a huge impact on both your training & recovery as well as in the wider workplace. But consider too that your body will respond to increased levels both physically/mentally with more water stored than you’ll no doubt imagine. Especially prevalent after an intense training session & one to be extra mindful of.

Time for a Change

Even down to the time of day can have a rather surprising effect on the digits presented by the scales upon weighing in. If you only weigh yourself once per week, it simply isn't enough. Aim for a weekly average having weighed in at around the same time of day to nail down some more reliable data. A routine worth testing is to jump on those scales before work in the mornings.

Time of the Month

As a guy I feel pretty blessed to not face this issue, but naturally with the monthly menstrual cycle, water retention is inevitable & often this can mask our true progress. Perhaps worth working towards bi-weekly or even monthly averages to truly picture your current route.

So there you have it folks, a perhaps more sciency approach that can be rather comforting to say the least. When you find yourself disappointed by those results you’ve seen on the scale, perhaps it's worth taking a step back & appreciating just how far you’ve really come on your fitness journey.

If you’re interested in hearing more nutrition tips, facts & general mythbusting I’d love to help.

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