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Hydration for dummies: how to 10x your productivity with this one simple habit

"Pure water is the world's first and foremost medicine" - Slovakian proverb

Staying hydrated and wetting your appetite for success.

When it comes to looking after our nutrition, it can seem like a never ending battle to stay above water. The beauty however, of learning about the science is that we can adopt a rather simple approach to getting on track with our health – choosing simple strategies and products to keep our energy high.

One of the key areas is hydration and keeping ahead of the game. Did you know that the brain is made of 95% water? It’s little wonder that when we’re lacking in fluids, concentration is one of the first things to go as well as our mood and energy levels.

Water is not only a crucial component of our daily intake, getting enough is nothing short of essential. Here’s but a handful of negative side effects of lacking in adequate hydration day to day.

  • Drop in performance (physical and creative)

  • Fatigue

  • Loss of concentration

  • Decrease in reaction time

  • Weakened immune system

On the more positive side, here’s a couple of reasons why staying hydrated can be genuinely transformational for your daily routine.

Reduced Hunger/Cravings

As the original zero-calorie drink, water does wonders for reducing our appetite, helping aid in reducing your daily intake and improved dietary adherence. In a recent 2013 study, adding 2 cups of water pre meal-time had marked effects on weight loss versus a control, especially useful when facing stressful periods or a lack of activity.

Improved Heart Health

Since dehydration contributes to a lower blood volume, this can add additional strain on the heart as it need to increase its work-rate in order to transport the lower blood quantity to each cell around the body. This can add extra pressure to an already stressed organ.

Improved Muscle/Joint Movement

A key impact if we are increasing our exercising. It won’t be surprising to hear that adequate hydration has a significant effect on the efficiency of muscle contraction by improving lubrication between joints, especially in longer activities.

Faster Replenishment

Last but very not least is the ability to replace precious electrolytes when sweating during activity. Sodium and potassium for instance are essential for proper muscle/nerve function and reducing blood pressure respectively.

To wrap up, here’s a quick few tips for ensuring to help prevent the upstream battle many of us face each day with a never ending stream of tasks and responsibilites.

5 Top Tips for Staying Hydrated

  • Aim for 2-3L of water per day (5-6 glasses or reusable bottles)

  • Take a reusable bottle with you to work or on your desk at home

  • Set multiple alarms and reminders throughout the day to stay consistent

  • Add flavourings or fruit (e.g. lemon and lime) to make it more appealing

  • Invest in sports-specific products that contain electrolytes (e.g. Smart Water)

So there you have it folks, a short but sweet incentive for optimising your water intake and keeping afloat with ease!

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