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The power of visualisation: How to get 67% of the results without doing a thing

*Guest post by Liza Schermann*

A few minutes of your time a day to achieve potentially 2x the consistency, confidence and results in your nutrition or fitness.

The truth is, changing our eating habits has never been easy. It's a complex task. It takes research, determination, and discipline. It involves heaps of science and mainly psychology or mindset.

The solution doesn’t always have to be complicated. In fact, here is a powerful tool to help you achieve better results that only takes a few minutes of your time per day and won’t cost you a penny.

Visualisation for dummies: A 60-second tutorial

1) Know what you're aiming for

What is your goal and how does it look to the precise detail? Are you looking at a photo of yourself having lost 10lbs? Are you looking at a new 5K PB on Strava?

2) Double-down on the details

Get crystal clear on what you are desiring. Down to the minutia, as if you are living the realty in the present moment.

3) Feel the emotions attached to your goal

Imagine how it would feel to be healthier, happier or fitter and how proud you are of reaching your lofty goal. Don't let go of this feeling.

4) Take action

Now you have your destination, start taking action immediately. Could you reach out to a coach to guide you through the process? Do you need to buy new gym equipment? Make a list, make it specific and get to work.

5) Don't give up

Life has a tendency to kick us where it hurts, repeatedly and without mercy. You will face obstacles along the way, learn to be adaptable, creative and flexible with the approach, but never give up on your vision.

How to 2x your fruit consumption

A group of Psychology & Health students at McGill University in Canada did a small study involving 177 students at McGill’s New Residence Hall. They were asked to set a goal to increase their fruit consumption over a period of 7 days.

Students in group one were asked to make concrete plans and visualise how they would put the plan into action. They had to imagine going to the grocery store, picking the fruits, then preparing and eating them. Group two simply had to set out the goal without any of the planning or visualising.

The results: both groups ended up eating more fruit than before. But, unsurprisingly, the first group consumed twice as much fruit as the second group. Now, this is nothing new. We all know that by making plans we can achieve more in every area of life, not just in our fitness.

Lessons from the most decorated olympian of all time

What’s new in this study is the visualisation component. In sports, visualisation is a well known technique and a widely acclaimed tool. The most successful athletes in the world use this as a means of mental rehearsal to prepare themselves for races or games and crucially, success.

Michael Phelps, who is perhaps the most successful swimmer of all time, has been exercising visualisation since he was a teenager. Every evening before he goes to bed and every morning after waking up, he visualises every aspect, every little detail of a successful race.

And this, we can argue, played a huge role in his astounding success.

How so?

It’s simple. When you visualise a physical activity, you stimulate the same regions of the brain as you do when you physically perform the same action.

A review of thirty-five studies involving 3,214 participants showed that mental practice alone produced two thirds of the benefits of the actual physical practice.

Simply put, visualisation cannot replace physical practice, but it is the next best thing you can do.

And, any visualisation practices in athletic training absolutely carries over into our nutrition regimes. Food for thought indeed.


If you're curious, why not try it for yourself? I'll be giving one lucky winner who records their visualisation journey for 7 days and sends me their results a free 1-2-1 session with myself worth £129.

Please share with a friend or family member who may benefit.


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