As with anything we aspire to do, results & a long term outlook are key. Whilst before & after pictures are often a good gauge of physical progress, one of my absolute goals is to instil a real sense of empowerment for all of my clients from learning the various ins & outs of nutrition including basic theory to more advanced principles.

But hey, don't hear it from me, hear it from a collection of my previous/current clients & the kind words they've offered about my coaching.

Best nutritionist Edinburgh
Best nutritionist Edinburgh

Lyz, Glasgow

It’s a complete lifestyle change & I’m still loving it a year on from now.

One of my favourite aspects is choosing a healthier, lower-calorie snack from the shops each time we head in. It's a world away from the restriction-based mindset that so many struggle with today.

What's been the most incredible part has been having the energy to partake in Body Combat, Circuits training & Pilates whilst weighing the lowest I've ever been!

Best nutritionist Edinburgh

Donald, Glasgow

I’m the lightest i’ve been since 23 & nothing’s off the menu.

I've never really been a gym guy & the ability to manage my weight so easily without the need for treadmills or workouts is simply incredible.

I still enjoy my usual red wine & cheese servings every single week, with a new found love for walking every single day.

Once you realise the simplicity & maths behind nutrition, it can be not only easy to lose the weight, but sustain it longer term beyond my coaching.

Best nutritionist Edinburgh

Kosmas, Edinburgh

Since I started working with Declan he really helped me better understand my nutrient needs and take control of my nutrition. I feel so much more energised and overall healthier now, as well as have been progressing in the gym again after a long plateau!

It's amazing the impact having extra accountability, teaching & someone to support my training can have. I've learned to better manage my own nutrition long-term, with an incredibly simple approach used throughout.

Best nutritionist Edinburgh

Michael, Edinburgh

Having struggled with my weight and weight loss throughout uni it’s been hard for me to find motivation or inspiration. Getting in touch with declan and listening to him talk about how he believes everyone has the capacity to adopt both a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle has been invaluable.

By providing support and guidance he has given me a platform to try and make some key life changes which will hopefully see me gain confidence and improve my overall health by adopting different lifestyles. If you are every struggling with your weight you always need a friendly face and a supportive character, all of which declan has in abundance.

Best nutritionist Edinburgh

Ryan, Glasgow

Great support and information from Dec. Really well informed and is keen to help you get the most out of his programmes. Would highly recommend!

The best part for me has been balancing a busy final year of university as well as long hours spent sitting at my desk. No longer do I need to worry about overeating or gaining weight when I can manage things regardless.

Best nutritionist Edinburgh

Alasdair, Glasgow

When i used to do workouts i found it hard to maintain my focus and drive after two or three weeks. The support i received from Declan really kept me motivated. He knew the answers to every question i had to ask whether it was about the gym or about nutrition. Couldn't have asked for a better coach!

Best nutritionist Edinburgh

Michael, Edinburgh

Declan made it all look and seem so easy. Providing the guidelines, and getting back to basics, avoiding all the fancy high tech dieting/fat loss schemes Declan is certain to help you and provide the tools that allow for results to be gained. He started me on a program that, months after it ended, I can still follow and incorporate into my lifestyle. It wasn't so much a diet as a slight change in lifestyle. It allowed me to get back to shape and feel more confident after four years of uni, and in plenty of time for my graduation.

Best nutritionist Edinburgh

Aidan, Glasgow

Declan made it easy to understand what needed done whilst also never expecting too much from you. He was very professional and you can tell he knows what he is talking about. Would definitely recommend him to anyone!

I've enjoyed finding a balance between supporting my training-based goals but also learning to enjoy the foods I'm eating. I'm now much more self-sufficient & confident of managing things even beyond the time working with Dec as well.

Best nutritionist Edinburgh

Rebecca, Edinburgh

I’ve always struggled to gain weight and track if I was getting enough calories, but since I started receiving coaching from Declan he gave me goals to work towards which were challenging but realistic with the spare time I had.


He made it clear what my calorie intake should be and was flexible around how I could manage it, as well as being really flexible with the length and intensity of my workouts. The coaching helped me understand nutrition better and when/what I should be eating, as well as specific exercises to gain muscle and increase my strength.

Declan was always friendly and really on the ball with check-ins and catching up, he let me tailor the coaching to what I wanted to do and was always available to answer any queries I had.